Organization & Charter of TECH CORPS Georgia
A nonprofit organization bridging the digital divide in Georgia


Organization & Charter

TECH CORPS Georgia, Inc. (TCGa) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 1993 under the name Computers for Classrooms, Inc.

TECH CORPS Georgia has been Georgia's charter member of the national Tech Corps volunteer organization since 1997. The charter grants TECH CORPS Georgia exclusive rights in the State of Georgia to the use of the Tech Corps logotype, database and name.


We see a Georgia where everyone who chooses can personally receive the benefit of information technology.

  • All recognize the value
  • Devices are as accessible as personal entertainment devices and telephones
  • Useful and relevant content and services are available to all in their homes


TCGa’s mission is to promote “Digital Inclusion” for the residents, teachers, students and entrepreneurs of Georgia’s low-income and otherwise under-served communities, and to advocate for the use of technology in promoting self-sufficiency and economic resiliency.

  1. Prevent educational gaps by helping all students have a higher quality computer use in schools and access in the home
  2. Promote family self-reliance and economic resiliency by ensuring all adults can effectively use and have access to personal information technology in their homes
  3. Promote the creation and sustenance of community based service and support infrastructure in all communities
  4. Advocate for effective educational and governmental services that utilize the web and personal information technology
  5. Attract mainstream IT providers to under-served areas
    The mission is accomplished by providing affordable greater access to the technology tools and resources needed to compete in the post secondary schools, workforces and markets of today and the future.

Our Successes!

  1. TCGa refurbished and distributed 450 computers during July 2005 - June 2006 through our training programs and to other non profit organizations.
  2. TCGa volunteers clocked 3500 hours to make our programs a success.
  3. TCGa recycled about 200,000 lbs of PC scrap during July 2005 - June 2006 and kept the older and outdated computers out of the landfills.