TECH CORPS Georgia Refurbishing/Recycling
A nonprofit organization bridging the digital divide in Georgia

Free Bytes – Refurbishment & Recycling

TCGa solicits and obtains surplus computer donations from businesses, governmental agencies and individuals in metro Atlanta and neighboring counties. Data Security and Protection is done with utmost care. All the systems are wiped using utilities conforming to Department of Defense standards. We make sure that the client’s data is completely wiped off before reusing or recycling the computers.

We recruit, train and develop technical volunteers in computer hardware skills to refurbish, reconfigure, and upgrade the equipment. The refurbished equipment is then distributed to clients through TCGa’s training programs.

We also recycle old and outdated technology (older than 5 years) equipment in an environmentally safe manner. We have partnered with local plastic, metal and e-scrap recyclers to recycle computer components. The funds generated from our recycling initiative are channeled towards funding our training programs.