Volunteer Tales


Volunteer Tales!!!

Walter Pettus Gewin, Jr.

Nicknamed as "Mr. IBM" is one of our sincere and dedicated Freebytes Volunteer since June 2005. Here is what he would like to share with you...

".....I’m a born gadget freak who loves to piddle with computers. When I retired from a computer career, I had to find a new set of activities to fill all the new free time I had. I decided to get into some computer related volunteer activities. Among other things I’ve gotten involved with is Tech Corps. Taking old computers and refurbishing them is right down my alley. I get a real sense of satisfaction from taking a dusty old computer and fixing it up so some needy person can use it for another couple of years. For me this is both fun and satisfying, and the people I’ve met have been great.

There seems to be a common bond among “computer geeks” who work in this environment that makes this work even more rewarding. If you have computer skills and a few free hours periodically, I highly recommend you try it; you might just find it as enjoyable as I do."