Eligible Equipment for TECH CORPS Georgia
A nonprofit organization bridging the digital divide in Georgia

Eligible Equipment

Eligible equipment for Refurbishing

We accept the following equipment for refurbishing without any fee.

  • Pentium Class Systems (Pentium II, 300 MHz or faster)
  • Computer Parts Newer than 5 years
  • Office Electronics Newer than 4 years
  • SVGA Monitors 14" or Larger (must be working)
  • Working Inkjet or LaserJet Printers (Cartridge drums and inkjet cartridges are very important)

Eligible equipment for Recycling

We accept the following equipment for recycling.

  • Any computer slower than 266 MHz, generally older than 5 years, such as Pentium 266, Pentium 166, Pentium 100, 486, 386 or slower computers
  • Empty or Substantially Stripped Computer Cases
  • Nonworking monitors of any kind
  • Nonworking inkjet, LaserJet printers