Training Programs
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Training Programs for Inviduals

Earn a Computer Training Program

This program is designed for a total of 50-60 hours. The individual will volunteer at TCGa for this duration.

During the course of training the individual will be trained on dis-assembling, repairing and troubleshooting computers.The indiviudal will build their own computer by the end of this program and will get to take this computer home.

Please call our office to enroll in this program.

Computers For Families Training Program

The training consists of the following six modules. Each module is a 3 hour module.

1. Introductory

Learn how to set up and use your PC; navigate the Windows environment; use the mouse; learn “touch typing skills” through a pre-installed typing program; and operate the word processing program, Microsoft word

2. Internet and Email (Beginner)

Learn how to navigate Internet Explorer’s and Mozilla Firefox browser, menu bar, shortcut toolbars and buttons, and web pages; use Web site addresses and basic search engines; set up a free internet email account; and compose and send e-mail; and more.

3. PC Maintenance

Learn how to keep your PC running as efficiently and effectively as possible; run utility programs; scan floppy disks and hard drives for viruses; and create and update operating system and anti-virus “emergency boot disks”.

4. Protecting Your PC

Virus protection for your PC: learn about ad ware, Spy ware, software downloads.

5. Word Processor

Learn how to create and format a letter, including “track changes”, “mail merge”, and envelopes and labels; a memo with tables; a report using the “outline” view.

6. Spreadsheet

Learn how to set up a basic Workbook, Worksheet, and Chart and/or Graph; format a spreadsheet and turn the results into an effective chart or graph; produce a 12-month household budget.