Success Stories of Individuals


  1. "How a Volunteer Program Changed My Life" - By George L Johnson

    After many years in the Construction Industry, I found myself unemployed. I found out about TECH CORPS Ga from United Way of Atlanta. I met with the Director, technicians and other volunteers at TCGa.The "Earn a Computer" program offers volunteers like myself an opportunity to learn,troubleshoot and fix computers.They have a hands on approach to teaching real world computers....When I first came to TCGa, I asked for a technical refernece guide for fixing a computer and I soon found out how my hands on training would increase my understanding. During the program I learnt learnt the different components and functions of a computer like the CPU, chipsets, memory, BIOS, IDE connectors and so on.

    When I first started I could only switch on a computer.this volunteer opportunity has given me a new means of proving a better life for myself. With my new skills and help from my vocational rehabilitation counselor and my new found friends at TCGa and Gods help, I hope I will find an opportunity that will lead me to some corporation in America that could use another computer tech!

    Thank you TECH CORPS Georgia!!! Sincerely yours, George Johnson

  2. "I built my Computer!" - By Mary Traylor

    I took a 50 hour course at TCGa. I did not know the components of a computer till I came to TCGa. Here I met three lovely people Ms Niyati, Shannon and Dwight. Dwight taught me how to dis-assemble a computer. I learnt how to install RAM, the names of the components that I take out from a computer. Now I know how to take a hard drive out and install a new one, troubleshoot a computer, upgrade memory.

    After volunteering and learning for 40 hours, I started building my own computer. I built my PC with a 1.0GHz processor, 256Mb RAM, 10Gb hard drive. I also installed a DVD drive and CD writer in my system. I installed Windows 2000 OS and utilities. Niyati taught me how to install the modem in my system. Shannon taught me how to repair laptops. Thanks to Dwight's class tests and all the hands on experience, I have learnt more than in the classroom. Now I am confident to take my A+ test.

    Thanks.....Mary Traylor

  3. "Thank you TECH CORPS Georgia" - By Howard Holden

    TCGa was picking up a computer donation from United Way where my wife Patricia works. She met with the Director and she told my wife about the "Earn a Computer" Program. When I heard about it, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn more about computers. I use the computer to send e-mail and do research, but did not know how a computer works.

    For the last three weeks I have learnt the different parts of the computer. The first thing I learnt was to break down and dis-assemble computers. It is amazing how much I got to learn in such a short time. Plus I got my own Personal PC from TCGa.

    Sincerely, Howard Holden